Heat Pump Installer


Course summary

We have developed a Heat Pumps Installer course in collaboration with the Home Builders Federation (HBF) and Worcester Bosch.

The course is designed to upskill qualified plumbing, heating and RAC engineers to correctly install and maintain domestic heat pumps.

Who is the course for?

This course is for qualified heating, plumbing or RAC engineers who have one of the following:

  • Blue/Gold ACRIB/SKILLcard Refrigeration/Air Conditioning Engineer
  • F-Gas Qualification
  • Oftec Registration
  • Gas Safety Registration

What will I learn?

The purpose of the course is to ensure the installer understands the need for increased heat exchange surface area and flow rates when using low temperature heating systems, and understands the basic principles of renewable heating systems and the benefits of running a low temperature heating system.

The online course has six modules:

  1. Different types of Heat Pump systems
  2. How to correctly specify and install low temperature heating systems
  3. The importance of specifying the correct sizing of heat pump, collectors and emitters
  4. Looking in depth at Air Source Heat Pumps
  5. Commissioning and Handover Guidance
  6. Maintenance


The course and assessment will take no longer than five hours to complete and you can learn in bite size chunks rather than complete in one go. 



Interested in our fully funded MCS Certified BESA Air Source Heat Pump Installer Course? Find out more or register your interest here.